Sunday, April 27, 2008

Video of Minimally Invasive Surgery

This video is of a liver biopsy performed last week at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod. This patient had surgery at 3 pm, and went home at 5 pm – pain free!

He had a laparoscopic procedure. His two incisions were smaller than a dime, almost impossible to see. He went home jumping up on his owner only a few hours later.

The vast majority of liver biopsies performed in veterinary medicine are attained with standard, open surgery. That means big incisions, significant bleeding, and a lot of pain. These animals often spend days in the hospital. And often the cost to the owner is even greater.

But that it not the case here at VACC with our minimally invasive surgical approach. And fortunately that means a lot less pain for our patients.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When Life Gives Your Pet Lemons Try To Make Lemonade

Another great dog with cancer, but at least he is another dog in remission. He is such a nice beagle. We were so happy to see him complete the chemo protocol, especially with no adverse effects.

This is one of many cancer patients treated at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod living a longer and more comfortable life because of chemotherapy. He went through the entire chemo protocol with no adverse reactions, which has become the norm for our chemo patients.

That means great quality and quantity of life!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking Inside Out

This is what the bladder of a dog looks from the inside. Using one of our advanced laparoscopes, we were able to remove bladder calculi (stones) from this dog without an incision.

We went through her normal “plumbing” and cleaned out the bladder from the inside. She recovered with no pain, incision, or complicated after care. Minimally invasive surgical techniques at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod means maximum benefits for our patients.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Big Wounds But A Big Recovery

This is one of the worst cases of bite trauma that we have ever seen, but fortunately it was also one of the best recoveries. In 2002, Marvin was attacked by two large dogs while walking in his neighborhood. The damage was so severe that over 50% of his skin was beyond repair.

Marvin spent six weeks in our hospital and had numerous surgeries. We used a new technique that stretched his skin. And with time, pain management, antibiotics, and lots of TLC, Marvin made a full recovery.

And that was over six years ago, and Marvin has been doing great! Marvin was in the other day for routine care and it was great to see him.

Go Marvin!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Largest Rabies Clinic

Today we vaccinated 250 dogs and cats for rabies in only four hours! This is the most we have ever vaccinated. The line was out to the street and around the building!

And all of the owners were very appreciative for the opportunity and effort.