Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Food to avoid giving your pets during the holidays

  • Alcoholic Beverage

  • Chocolate (highly toxic to pets)

  • Coffee

  • Moldy or spoiled foods

  • Salt

  • Chicken and Turkey bones (they can splinter)

    Avoid giving your pet any leftovers, this can cause diarrhea or pancreatitis. Also keep your pet away from cooked bones, they can splinter or get lodged in their throat or intestines causing servere damage to the intestinal tract.

Christmas Tree Hazards

  • Christmas tree needles are very sharp and can easily get stuck in your pets paws or throat. Sweep up tree needles regularly or fence off your christmas tree to separate your pets from the tree.

  • Do not hang chocolates from your christmas tree: they are highly toxic and your pet will be tempted if he can see and smell them.

  • Cover up electric cords or loose lights to keep your pets from chewing them.

  • Ornaments are potential hazards in many different ways. Pet may be interested in playing with them, and they could injury themselves on broken pieces or ingest them.

  • Make sure your tree is well anchored so your pet can't pull it over.

  • Tinsel and ribbon pose a huge threat, if ingested may cause an obstruction or twist in the intestions.

Other Christmas Hazards

  • Holly, Mistletoe, Lilies, and Yew tree are posionous to pets and must be kept well out of reach.

  • Remove Christmas wrapping paper and toys to aviod your pet chewing or swallowing them.

Contact your Local Veterinary office if you think you pet has run into any holiday hazards!

Merry Christmas!