Friday, September 26, 2008

Kids Always Have Fun At Veterinary Associates

From stickers, colors, to talking to our macaw Max, kids always have fun at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Physical Rehabilitation

We are proud to offer our patients the benefits of physical therapy through our CARE facility. CARE has a full time, on staff, certified rehabilitation specialist. This fall we will even add Cape Cod’s first underwater pet treadmill. It will take our capabilities even further, and it is even heated!

It seems like a “no brainer” to us, so the speak, but no other facility on Cape Cod or even in the region offers the benefits of physical therapy. Not surprisingly, our patients are doing much better after surgery, much better with chronic pain, and just living more comfortable lives in general. After all, would you have knee replacement surgery and not have physical therapy?

Moose is a classic example of the benefits of physical therapy, and the deep belief among our staff that it works wonders. Moose is Dr. Bradley’s dog, and she faithfully takes him to CARE for his treatments. Since starting the physical therapy, Moose has gained marked muscle mass, looks five years younger, and is living a better quality of life on many levels.

And that is just one example of our mission. We work every day to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care for our patients with the most compassionate approach. We care for each patient as if it were our own pet.

So whether it is Dr. Bradley’s dog or your dog, we will do whatever it takes to make your four-legged family member feel and live better.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Office Love...

Dr. Lauren Collazo loves little dogs. Any dog having surgery or in hospital always receives some extra attention from her.

And often that means time spent together in the doctor’s office. It is not at all uncommon to find Dr. Collazo snuggling one of our patients in the office. So this time we snuck a picture of her with one of my cute little patients, a blond daschund named Winston.

I brought the owner back to see where Winston had been spending his time, and she was thrilled to see him getting the extra love. I think it was hard for Winston to say good-bye.

So cute dog owners beware, there might be office love in the air!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home By The Holidays…

We have two very sweet cats living at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod. Both had little options, so they came to us out of desperation.

Chloe is a twelve year old, well-controlled hyperthyroid cat. Her owner passed away recently, and she had no place to go. She has been a patient at Veterianry Associates for years, and she has been doing great. We could not see her euthanized after the loss of her owner.

Sam is a seven year old cat with some urinary problems. His owner wanted to euthanize Sam, and we did not want to see such a young, sweet cat euthanized for treatable reasons.

While these kitties are very lucky to be at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod, we are not the same as a loving home.

Please let us know if you or friends have any interest in these cats; they just need a second chance. We want to find that loving home by the holidays, so these super sweet animals can once again have the family love they deserve.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Marrow Bones Sometimes Get Stuck

There are many reasons why giving dogs real bones is not in favor with most vets. Hard bones can cause teeth to chip and break, and sometimes bones can get stuck. The worst place is in the gastrointestinal system, but small marrow bones can often become trapped right in the jaw.

Several times a year we see a dog that manages to get a small marrow bone stuck behind the lower canine teeth, trapping the bone on the mandible or jaw. These dogs become panicked, and even with owner help, often require veterinary assistance for removal.

We sedated this young handsome lab and removed the bone by sectioning it in two. He made a full recovery within minutes, though I doubt he will have another real bone soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008