Saturday, May 31, 2008

See You Soon!

I am off to Samana in the Dominican Republic for all of next week. We help operate and fund a twice yearly veterinary relief mission to the area known as Project Samana. We help both large and small animals with surgical and medical care in this remote and impoverished region. Often it is the only medical care available for animals in a six month time frame, if not their entire life. Look for pics on our Vets Giving Back page later this summer. This new page will detail are work with Project Samana, the VACC Pet Fund, as well as our commitment to local military, fire, and police personnel.

But I have many great pics for posting upon my return. I have pics of a dog with such big ears it could fly, an adorable boy with some very cute kittens, and a guess the mutt mix with the DNA answer! See you soon!