Friday, July 11, 2008

Looking Great and Cancer Free!

Duke looks fantastic. He is a year out from his devastating diagnosis of systemic lymphosarcoma.

There is no way he would still be here if his dedicated owners had not chosen chemotherapy to treat his cancer. But chemo has many negative connotations in the human world. Fortunately, that is not often the case in veterinary medicine.

Duke did not have a single reaction to the chemo. He had great quality of life during his treatment. Now many months after his last dose, Duke remains in remission. He is enjoying a fantastic, totally normal, quality of life.

In August, Dr. Andy Abbo will join our CARE facility as the first and only dedicated veterinary oncologist on Cape Cod. That will allow us to treat even more types of cancer right here on Cape. No other veterinary health care team affords these options. And that means that our pets stricken with cancer will have more options, and quite simply will live longer.

In veterinary medicine, chemo often really means quantity and quality of life. And it is so rewarding to see Duke doing well!