Friday, May 21, 2010

Lil Miss Shines!

On December 14 2009 Lil Miss presented to our Hospital for having trouble getting up. Dr. Burns assessed her condition and at an astonishing weight of 107lbs described her as morbidly obese. He concluded that the only thing debilitating Lil Miss was her lazy golden ways and her love for biscuits!
Lil Miss' owner obviously loved her dearly and when she realized that she could possibly add years to Lil Miss' life she quickly sprung into action!

Lil Miss now has a new diet, she eats Purina OM (overweight management) and the only treats she gets are carrots. which she really doesn't mind!

On March 26 2010 a mere 3 months after Lil Miss could not pick herself up off the floor she weighted 87.3 lbs!

Lil Miss has also began exercising on the water treadmill at C.A.R.E. (Cape Animal Referral & Emergency) for 6 weeks and has seen great results.

Today we were so excited to see Lil Miss weighing in at 78.4 lbs! a total loss of 28.6 lbs.

Congratulations Lil Miss! keep up the hard work!