Friday, September 24, 2010

Catch of the Day

Every now and then, a dog playing near a fishing pond will get stuck with a fish hook left behind by a careless fisherman. As you can imagine, a fish hook can be very painful, particularly if the hook is in the foot and the dog has come running to you or tried to removed it with his/her mouth and got it lodged there instead.
Attempt to calm the dog and prepare to transport to your local Veterinary office. Having your Veterinarian remove the hook is best. There proper restraint and in some cases anesthesia will be helpful in preventing any further injury.

If your dog swallows a fish hook. DO NOT attempt to dislodge the hook by pulling the fishing line. Cut excess fishing line leaving approximately 12inches dangling. Transport your pet to your veterinarian immediately. Be sure to not allow your pet to eat a meal or treat in the meantime.