Thursday, December 29, 2011

There's an App for That!

Last year Merial launched the Heartguard dose reminder app. Due to the success of the application, Merial is introducing the same app for Android users and an updated app for the iPhone. The updated features allow pet owners to set individual reminders for each dog, share accounts between phones, use the phone's camera to assign pictures to reminders, and add custom dog barks. In addition, the app will tell you how much you have remaining on your current prescription (or heartworm medication) and prompt you to contact your vet when you need more. When it's time for your dog's medication, his or her picture will pop up and bark to remind you. And the best part? The app is free! It's a fun and easy way to remember your pets medications and doses. The Android version can be downloaded via the Android Market online or on the phone, the iPhone version can be downloaded through iTunes for the App store on your smartphone. Happy Shopping!