Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dealing With the Loss of a Pet

Unfortunately, all pet owners eventually have to confront the loss of a pet. This is never an easy time, and many people have a hard time dealing with the feelings that emerge. It is important to remember that grieving for a lost pet is just as normal and essential as grieving for a lost friend or family member. It is natural for someone experiencing the loss of a pet to go through one or more of the stages of grief including denial, anger, guilt, depression, bargaining, and acceptance.

All people cope with loss in their own way, but many find it helpful to hold a funeral ceremony with family and close friends. There are also other ways to express the grief associated with the loss of a pet, including hanging memorial wind chimes, or creating a paw imprint in clay. Additional resources are available on our website. There you will find ideas on helping children cope and hospice care, as well as more information on the grieving process. Check out this article featuring our very own Dr. Burns for even more tips.

Allowing ourselves the time to grieve is the most basic thing we can do to get through this difficult part of life.