Monday, July 1, 2013

Bladder Stone Removal Via Cystoscopy

At Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod, our surgeons are fortunate enough to have the ability to use the endoscope for certain procedures.

In the x-ray of a miniature schnauzer below, three pea-sized stones can be seen in the bladder. 

Dr. Burns elected to use cystoscopy, and the procedure was a success. During this procedure, the scope is passed into the bladder through the urethra and the stones are retrieved. In most cases, the benefits of using the endoscope for this procedure (compared to the traditional surgical method) are huge:
  • Anesthesia time is greatly reduced.
  • There is no incision. This shortens recovery time for the patient, and virtually eliminates the risk of post surgical complications.
  • There is less irritation to the bladder. This is especially beneficial to patients who are at risk for developing more stones and may require multiple procedures over their lifetime.
In the video below, you can see the surgeon's-eye-view of the bladder stone retrieval.

The x-ray below, taken after the procedure was completed, confirms that all of the stones were removed.