Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Project Samana

The human animal bond is something that all of us at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod value deeply.  Some of us find our pets, either through a breeder, or rescue them from a shelter.  But for some people it's the opposite; their pets find them.  This is the case for many pets in the Dominican Republic.  Street strays are everywhere and often they find themselves wandering into someones home.  They get food and attention and a bond develops.  The rest is history.

So how do people who struggle to feed themselves care for a pet?  Somehow they still manage to provide what little they can because the once street stray is now a member of their family; one they can't picture their lives without.   Project Samana offers those people the opportunity to provide very basic care for their adopted pets; while at the same time helping to prevent more orphaned dogs from roaming the streets. 

Every year in June and November, a team of veterinary professionals head to Samana in the Dominican Republic for a spay and neuter clinic.  We say spay and neuter, and mostly, that's what we do, but really we'll see anything that walks through the door. 

Being a part of Project Samana is an incredibly rewarding experience.  You will work incredibly hard, but you won't want to leave.  There is something so hopeful about the Dominican People.  They come together every evening to eat, listen to music, and spend time with each other.  They are slowly building their country to a better place, and they take great pride in themselves and their fellow Dominican's accomplishments.  (Wearing a Red Sox hat there will definitely earn you a hello and a friendly smile). 

This November we treated 198 patients, and we will be headed back there in June 2014 hoping to do many more.  Some of us may even be found by our own new four-legged family member.