Thursday, January 24, 2008

Apollo and Dental Care

Apollo is an unbelievably sweet and beautiful Shepard from our Forestdale Veterinary Clinic. He came in today for an annual exam, and I could have spent all day playing with him. He is one great dog. And he is perfect in every way - except for his mouth.
Apollo, like many pets, suffers from dental problems. Last year we were forced to remove his lower canine due to internal infection and decay. Now he has healed and looks great.
Apollo has caring and loving owners, so this will likely never happen again! Just as in people, dental disease is common and painful condition. Just because a pet keeps eating does not mean they are not in pain. And if dental disease is not addressed, it can adversely affect the whole body. Luckily, Apollo has owners who understand that good dental heath leads to overall good health. They are doing everything possible to care for his mouth, from dental treats, dental diets, brushing to even a dental vaccine. And all this care is great news for Apollo, who will live a longer and happier life because of it. What a great dog!!