Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chemo and Crosby

Crosby is a beautiful Maine Coon cat that is undergoing chemotherapy here at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod. When most people think of chemotherapy, they usually think of the many negatives associated in human medicine. But chemotherapy in veterinary medicine is different, and many animals live much longer because of it and with great quality of life.
Crosby is one such example. His owner takes excellent care of his kitties, and brought Crosby in because he didn't seem right. On physical exam, we felt a possible abdominal mass. An ultrasound confirmed our concerns, and Crosby was scheduled for surgery. We removed an intestinal mass during a complicated surgery, but unfortunately the biopsy indicated an aggressive lymphoma cancer.
After consultation with an oncologist, we started a chemo protocol specifically tailored to Crosby's cancer. His owner also requested Chinese Herbal and Standard Process supplements; he is doing everything he can for his beloved cat.
Crosby is doing great. Like many veterinary chemo patients, he has never been sick from a treatment, or had any of his hair fall out. In fact most patients experience few if any negative side effects.
And without this care, he would not still be here with us. His quality of life is great; albeit today we recommended a little more human food!