Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Early Morning Groove...

Max, our Blue and Gold Macaw, likes to dance next to her radio in the early morning. Most clients see Max in her glass atrium during the day. But she likes to get out in the morning before we open the doors to get some exercise, often with a little dancing.

Parrots like macaws need a lot of care and attention; well more than the average dog or cat. That is one reason why they don't always make the best pets. They take a lot of care and knowledge to live a long and healthy life.

Lucky for Max, she gets a lot of care and attention from our staff. And she enjoys the interactions with our clients. Shirley, our senior client care representative, takes great care of Max. She comes in early every day to get Max out for her daily romps around the waiting room. Shirley makes sure Max has a varied diet, including balanced parrot foods as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. She even has her weekly brie cheese!

Shirley even comes in on Sunday to make sure Max gets her daily exercise and diet. She is one dedicated bird lover. And that is what it takes to keep a parrot like Max happy and healthy. Next time you are in please make sure to say hello to Max. She might even say hello back!