Monday, February 25, 2008

Pulling for Nollie

Nollie has had a great ten years of life with his dedicated owner. In that time, though, he has had a few close calls. And right now he is not feeling his usual fun and sweet self, so we are hoping not to uncover a third chapter in Nollie’s medical history.

Five years ago I removed a large, aggressive skin tumor known as a Mast Cell Tumor from Nollie’s side. We made it through that episode only to be faced with yet another kind cancer a few years later. This time, Nollie had systemic lymphosarcoma, and when he came in for evaluation he seemed in dire trouble.

He had tumors thoughout his entire body, and effusion (cancerous fluid) in his chest so severe that he could barely breathe. Despite long odds that he would even live a few more weeks, his dedicated owner chose chemotherapy over certain death.

And we are so glad she did. Nollie miraculously went into complete remission, and the cancer never returned. The odds for that outcome were minuscule, but luck seems to be on his side.

Nollie came in last week, for not being the usual full of life, fun loving, and beautiful guy of norm. We are in the process of a full workup, and have some concerns, but no definitive answers. We are all pulling for Nollie!