Friday, April 9, 2010

The Gentle Leader

The Gentle Leader Collar® is a double collar with one loop around the neck, and another around the snout. It looks like and works like a halter used to train a horse.

The leader Dog Loop, fits somewhat loosely over the snout, just tight enough so it cannot be pawed off the end of the nose. The dog is free to pen his mouth for barking, playing, eating, drinking, and chewing. Both loops are adjustable for proper fit.
One of the benefits of the Gentle Leader Collar is that when you make a correction it is with very gentle pull on the lead. This pull automatically turns the dog's head toward you, giving you the dog's attention.

The Gentle Leader Head Collar can be used to teach your dog all of the basic commands: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel and Down. It can also be used to control unwanted habits such as digging, jumping, barking, begging, chewing, stealing and general unruliness at home, on the street, and at the veterinarian's office. Techniques for working on all of these behaviors are in the comprehensive manual included with the Gentle Leader.