Thursday, May 24, 2012

Heartworm Prevention

For many of us, remembering to give our dogs their monthly heartworm pill can be a challenge.  There are stickers for the calendar to help us remember when the dose is due, but with so many other things going on in such a busy life, by the end of the day it is easy to forget what you did in the morning.
There is also an app for your phone that will remind you when it is time for your dog's heartworm prevention dose.

Now there is another option that guarantees your dog will have six full months of heartworm protection after only one visit to the veterinarian. ProHeart 6 is now available at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod. This injection, given by a veterinarian, slowly releases medication over a six month period. This medication prevents heartworm infection as well as hookworm infection and is comparable in cost to the monthly chewable preventative.

If you need heartworm pills, or are interested in ProHeart 6, come see us here at VACC or call us at(508) 394-3566.