Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feeling Great After A Spay!

Just ask any women who has had a hysterectomy; it is a big deal! Twenty years ago, your cat was anesthetized for the spay, but she received little if any pain medication. It is important to know that even today veterinary hospitals approach anesthesia and surgery differently.

You can be assured that your pet’s pain is our top priority at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod. We give powerful pain medications before an incision is even made. We “cocktail” several kinds of pain management, and use constant rate infusions (CRIs) to deliver top notch pain control.

And the result is much more comfortable patients! Owners are often amazed how great their pet looks when they walk out to greet them, often with little or no indication that they have been under general anesthesia or had surgery. And that is our style of care – the highest quality care - with the most compassionate approach.