Friday, March 14, 2008

Minimally Invasive Means Maximum Pain Relief!

Minimally invasive surgery has so many great benefits. But because of the technical training and equipment cost, it is still rare in veterinary medicine. To my knowledge, we are the only facility performing minimally invasive veterinary surgical procedures in the entire region of Southeastern Massachusetts.

And the benefits are huge. Traditional surgery often results in big incisions, marked pain, and a prolonged recovery. For example, we performed the liver biopsy pictured above on a little Boston Terrier this week. This patient had two incisions smaller than a dime, was standing 20 minutes after the procedure, and went home four hours later. And with the magnification with the camera, we actually visualized the liver better with the laparoscope than if we looked at with our own bare eyes.

And because open surgery was not involved, the patient recovered so much quicker, with much less pain. And the quicker recovery makes the cost even less than for standard surgery. It is really a win-win!