Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Dog With A New Trick

Routine senior exams are one of the most important things we do. So much can happen in six months, after all, it is like having a physical exam between your 72nd and 80th birthday!

We find so many little things that greatly benefit our senior patients; no segment of our animal population benefits more from routine visits. But every so often, even we are surprised by our findings.

Take this handsome senior. On routine evaluation of his cardiac system we saw something quite suspicious - but not in his heart - in his stomach. It seems this good looking fellow was hiding a new trick; eating huge rocks! And this sweet dog never complained about a tummy ache, but there is no way this rock was not making him uncomfortable

This was one of the largest rocks we have ever seen a dog swallow. Fortunately we removed the rock with one of our advanced endoscopes. That means we negotiated this rock out without a single incision, making his recovery much more comfortable, safer, and pain free.